Bruna Bispo

I absolutely love the Samurai culture and physical activities: I practiced Kenjutsu for several years; I even won gold in the national women’s tournament.

I currently play seven-a-side football and, at WE, I am responsible for structural enhancements involving automations.

Caio de Carvalho Puglia

I’m a bit quiet and reserved, but always eager to tackle new challenges. I enjoy reading, watching series and learning new things (sometimes, useless).

At WE, I look after illiquid and alternative investments.

Carolina Falzoni

Before anything else, I am curious and passionate about life and my children, about absolutely everything they bring me – highs and lows.

For me, investing has always been the balance between reading a lot, listening to intuition, having discipline and patience – a professional love at first sight. Something I discovered when I was still a student-worker at Fundo Verde in 2003.

For me, WE is all that combined. Here, I am responsible for managing our portfolios and for always bringing us a pinch of newness.

David Jenkins

I was born in England and have already lived in 4 different countries. I love traveling. I am happiest in the sun, especially If I can sail or dive.

At WE, my focus is on tracking and analyzing international markets. I love the world of alternative investments and I am ever on the lookout for new opportunities and strategies for our Brazilian families!

Débora Oliveira

I am a self-confessed geek, a fan of electronic games and music. I read a lot, from Edgar Allan Poe to Monteiro Lobato. I play piano decently and have published a book chapter. I graduated in business administration from Unesp. At WE, I am responsible for performing daily and operational routines, ensuring the quality of our database.

Eduardo Furtado

I graduated in Law from Largo São Francisco in 2012, and looked to working with investments since I started my career as an attorney.

A fan of classic Literature and Rock – from Homer’s Iliad to Led Zeppelin. A hardcore Palmeiras supported, my mood depends greatly on the team’s performance. At WE, I am the partner who looks after our private credit and alternative investments.

Fabio Alcantara

I love sports: before WE, I was a professional American football player in Brazil. After getting to know the financial market, I fell in love and strived to deepen my knowledge in the area.

My responsibility at WE is to check and calculate the profitability of the funds we manage.

Felipe Nardocci

I enjoy following several sports, besides reading and learning the piano. At WE, I am in Operations, focused on the interface between investments and operations.

Felipe Safatle

Everything different fascinates me. From people to experiences. Actually, one of the most amazing was climbing the Kilimanjaro.

I am passionate about sports – I have run a marathon, done Ironman and played basketball for seven years (my height does not help much!).

I am the partner who looks after our families and oversees the company. We founded WE because the one way to bring the new is by thinking new.

João Linhares

I am a musician in my free time. I enjoy cycling, motocross and being in contact with nature, mostly mountains. I have done yoga for several years now, and currently reading is my favorite hobby.

I have my own organic vegetable garden and a grove of native hardwood trees. At WE, I oversee everything related to families and new partnerships.

Laura Granziera

I enjoy leading a simple life and standing up for my beliefs. At WE, I am a partner and in charge of analyzing and building our portfolios.

Lucas Rudzit

I joined WE in 2018 and have already worked in different areas. Today, I am a partner and member of the offshore investment team. In addition to contributing with macro subjects, I analyze alternative investment funds throughout the world.

I am passionate about surfing and I am always looking to the next swell. I have already gone places such as Hawaii, California and El Salvador looking for great waves – and my search goes on!

Márcia Barbosa

I really enjoy reading, dancing, studying foreign languages and acquiring new knowledge that will contribute to my personal and professional development.

I truly prize spending time with my family — especially on Sundays, when we get together for lunch — and with my friends, as well. My professional experience was developed in the Administrative and Finance areas. It is to these areas I currently dedicate at WE.

Miriane Schlagenhaufer

Passionate about rugby and swimming, I will not pass a good movie or a good police novel on a Friday night.

At WE, I support the team that works with the families in their daily demands, and I am responsible for the operational side, in the relationship with our clients and funds with investment banks and management firms.

Sergio Bannwart Jr.

As partner at WE, I look after Operations and the relationship with our partners. I keep a level head overcoming obstacles, I really prize the way things should be done, and always try to help everyone I can.

Wesley Oliveira

I am a Production Engineering graduate from USP’s Escola Politécnica. I started off my career as a Fixed Income trader at HSBC’s proprietary trading desk. Later, I became managing trader at Sicredi Asset, and trader at GFI Group’s Latam Derivatives Desk, in NY. I joined WE in 2020, and currently I am in charge of Trading. I am from Minas Gerais.

I went to military school and won medals in the Brazilian Physics Olympiad. I used to be in the Air Force. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, watching movies and series, in addition to spending time with my family and friends.

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